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Mobile Cooler Leasing in Edmond, OK

Welcome to Ice Fox Equipment, one of the largest refrigerated container rental and leasing companies in the United States. Our company was created specifically to meet the national market’s needs for the Rent of coolers, emergency rental of refrigerated trailers, and temporary freezers. 

We are a full-service refrigeration charter, rents, and leasing company, and we pride ourselves on working with each customer to meet their specific needs. We offer a full range of refrigerated containers.

  • Food Industries – Emergency Refrigeration Container Rentals
  • Pharmaceutical Industries – Refrigerator Trailers for Rental and for Rent
  • Construction / Remodel – Modular Building for Rent
  • Special Events – Portable Cooler Rental and Mobile Refrigeration for Lease 
  • Commercial Kitchens – Indoor Walk-in Freezers and Refrigeration Coolers for Rent  
  • Research / Development – Modular Cleaning Room and Portable Freezer Leasing
  • Cannabis Industries – Modular Buildings for Rent and Outdoor Walk-in Coolers 
  • Laboratory Testing – Walk-in Cooler for Lease and Refrigerator Containers for Rent
  • Morgues – Modular Morgues and Walk-in Refrigeration Rents
  • Military Uses – Modular Kitchen Building Rents
  • Emergency Services – Modular Kitchen for Lease  

We are committed to providing a high level of service, support, and responsiveness. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our customers, and this can only be achieved if we continue to provide quality service and support throughout the lifecycle of our contracts for refrigerator leasing, chiller leasing, refrigeration Rents, and more. 

Ice Fox Equipment offers you an affordable way to get the equipment that best suits your needs, freeing up funds to spend on other areas of your business. Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade, we have the equipment to suit all your needs and budget. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can create a custom solution for your refrigeration needs. In addition to offering rental options, we can handle all of your rental, service, or lease equipment installation, service, and maintenance needs. We are committed to providing you with fast and reliable equipment solutions when you need them. With Ice Fox gear, you’re always ready to go!

  • Refrigeration Trailers for Lease
  • Refrigeration Container Rentals
  • Outdoor Walk-in Cooler for Rent
  • Mobile Cooler Leasing
  • Temporary Refrigeration Trailers for Rent
  • Refrigeration Freezers
  • Refrigeration Cooler Leasing
  • Emergency Freezer Refrigeration Rentals
  • Refrigeration Coolers for Rent
  • Portable Cooler Rentals
  • Mobile Freezers for Lease

We provide emergency refrigerator rentals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Oklahoma. We constantly rent refrigerators in Edmond, OK, and ship them to coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, medical labs, and more. Analytics, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Rental company in USA and Oklahoma. Our sister company also offers mobile kitchen rental. If necessary, call for a consultation. Portable Refrigerator Rentals, Freezers, and Portable Refrigerator Rentals in Oklahoma, USA.

The products that Ice Fox Equipment Leasing and Rental have a wide range of uses; check out the list below of our company’s product uses:

  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Cannabis Industry
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Cleanrooms
  • Morgues
  • Lab Testing
  • Emergency Services
  • Refrigeration

Refrigerated rental trailers are necessary during hot and humid seasons due to the heavier loads on Oklahoma emergency freezer rentals.

  • Emergency Temporary refrigeration trailer in Edmond, OK
  • Portable refrigeration located in Edmond, OK
  • Emergency Refrigeration Cooler Rental in Edmond, OK
  • Cooler Trailer Rentals in zip codes 73099, 74012, and 73160
  • Blast Freezers for lease and rental in Edmond, OK
  • Temporary Refrigeration and Freezer rental in Edmond, OK
  • A refrigeration Container for lease for emergencies is available now in Edmond, OK

Ice Fox Equipment Leasing and Rental also have Prefabricated models that can be useful for your business or project. See the list below:


  • Modular Kitchens
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Health Department


  • Mobile Walk-In Coolers
  • Mobile Walk-In Freezers
  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers

Finally, consider the above factors when deciding whether to choose an indoor or outdoor freezer. Before renting or purchasing and installing Ice Fox equipment, it is important to consider all factors to ensure it delivers the best results and meets your needs:

  1.   Temporary Freezer for Rent
  2.   Walk-in Cooler Lease
  3.   Temporary Refrigeration Freezer for Rent
  4.   Emergency Refrigeration Cooler Rentals
  5.   Refrigeration Trailer for Lease
  6.   Refrigeration Freezer Trailer for Rent
  7.   Outdoor Walk-in Cooler for Rent

We offer 24-hour nationwide delivery as well as 24/7 emergency customer service. All stainless steel interiors are a perfect option for non-toxic and long-lasting durability in the refrigeration industry. Most of our devices are designed to use convenient single-phase power supplies.

Ice Fox Equipment Leasing & Rental


Top Delivery Service in Oklahoma

Top Delivery Service in United States

We offer Nationwide delivery 24 hours a day along with Emergency customer service 24x7. All stainless steel insides are a perfect option for non-toxic and long-lasting durability in the refrigeration industry. The majority of our units are designed to use convenient single-phase power.

Bonus Tip!

Pay Special Attention to Your Trailer’s Outer Skin, because the thicker gauge of our boxes gives added protection between your product and the outside world. Choose quality over price.

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