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  1. Our Ice Fox Equipment is an option is available and is the perfect solution for:
  • Military Deployment
  • Disasters
  • Emergencies 

When our military is deployed, it means that equipment and supplies can be delivered anywhere in the world at any time. That means food and medical supplies must be refrigerated to keep fresh and viable, and troops and workers must have access to temporary accommodation. 

Disasters are cataclysmic events that result in significant loss of life, property damage, or hardship. That can happen anyplace on the planet. When they do, they must make medical help, accommodation, supplies, and staff accessible as soon as feasible. All of those necessitate temporary cooling.

Emergencies are rapid, urgent, and unexpected situations that require immediate attention, usually by expert responders, which is especially important during the hot, humid months of the year. Medicine, food, and shelter would all necessitate temporary refrigeration.