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Question & Answers

Our stainless steel interior walls, aluminum exterior sidewalls, and metal frames are very attractive and easy to clean which makes them suitable for either outdoor or indoor use. The smooth aluminum surface makes cleaning easy with just a wipe-off. Other materials are harder to clean and can become permanently discolored. 

Our temporary trailers and containers can be rented for as long as needed. We do offer special programs for special customers that want to rent long-term.

The advantage of renting vs purchasing is that rentals are normally 100% tax-deductible vs. purchasing and calculating depreciation.

We use diamond tread aluminum flooring.

Our 20ft refrigerated trailers can be powered by 12 kW generators or higher.

Typically people rent our walk in pods for longer terms however we do have a nationwide trailer fleet that is available for emergencies. . But we will accommodate shorter-term rentals.

In accordance with state laws, we are not allowed to connect electrical services when it requires hard wiring.

We carry a full line of equipment rentals nationwide all across the United States.

We pride ourselves on 24-hour service. In many cases, we can deliver units within 12 hours of an emergency.

Yes, all that is needed is a power source and any licensed electrician can make the final connection.

Our coolers are set for 35F for refrigeration, which allows a 5-degree differential upon opening and closing of the walk-in cooler.
Our Freezers are available at:
35 F / 2 C
0 F / -18 C
-10 F / -23 C
-20 F / -29 C

All Sizes 7×12, 7×20, 7×26 are typically in stock. We also have container units from 8×20 and 8×40.
(not available in all areas and typically take a little longer for delivery)

The freezer trailer requires 30 amp service, 208-230volt, single-phase for standard sizes 7×12 and 7×20.

Our refrigeration units are close to the ground. Other refrigeration trailers are extremely dangerous to have workers climbing in and out of on a daily basis and one can expect accidents will occur.

Rivetless construction gives a clean look with no wavy outer layers of thin sheet metal that give a warped metal appearance. The importance of an easy-to-clean aluminum surface is essential for the work environment and the demands of the health department.

Individual rivets weaken over time, putting more pressure on the surrounding fasteners and can cause rusting.

Flexible, Simple and Approved Building Design. Our Pods or Modulars can be used in temporary, permanent or emergency solutions. Our equipment is completely customizable in size.

Inquire about Hybrid Solutions.

Cellular communication technology is an option on most of our inventory units. Most rental and leasing have the cellular monitoring pre-installed.