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Rivet Free

Why is our style of modular construction the most desired?

Our style of fastening may be a bit more expensive but it results in a smooth, rust-free, and aesthetically pleasing exterior.

At Ice Fox Equipment, we use a 3M adhesive product called VHB (short for ‘very high bond’) to affix the metal skin to the structure of our refrigeration boxes. This results in a completely rivet-free, seamless exterior.

Rivet-free exterior changes the dynamic of our product. Not only is our product far better, but the rust-free box looks modern, simple, clean, and attractive.

With rivet-free construction, the outer layer of aluminum works better with a much thicker gauge of the outer sheet of 0.040 aluminum.

Our bonded panels withstand three times as many dynamic strikes as a riveted panel, while still being able to support significant static loads.

Our bonding method stops air and forms a water-tight seal within Ice Fox Equipment boxes. Over time moisture seeps into the layers of rivets or screw boxes causing rust and integrity loss.