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Ice Fox Equipment is one of the largest refrigeration and commercial kitchens firms in the United States.

Our patented and trademarked COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Pods are technically constructed to the highest standards in the sanitary industry. COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Modular Edition is designed to be anchored, and tied down to a foundation or free weight system, for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent uses. 

ICE FOX Equipment

#1 in Mobile and Modular walk in refrigeration, commercial kitchens, Cool storage, Temperature Controlled Rooms and Complete Basecamps Operation.

Trailer, Modulars And Movable Pods For Temporary, Emergency, Short Term And Long Term Service.
Packages Available For Leasing, Rental, And Sales.

Very few industrial or commercial environments are subjected to more demanding performance specs or more stringent hygiene standards than hazmat facilities, food service professionals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and continuing care facilities. Complying with the healthcare industry’s demanding requirements is imperative for all building products and fixtures. Being able to trust in the reliability, durability and ROI of a specific product is paramount for decision makers. While the use of Aluminum Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior, Diamond Plate Flooring and Rivet Free Construction is the most expensive construction method, it is the desired choice by health care professionals.

CoolBox Structures

CoolBox Structures are made of steel beams, an all-aluminum exterior, 20 gauge diamond plate aluminum flooring, and .40 gauge stainless steel interior walls.

Refrigerator Rentals

At Ice Fox Equipment, we use a 3M adhesive product called VHB (short for ‘very high bond’) to affix the metal skin to the structure of our refrigeration boxes. This results in a completely rivet-free, seamless exterior.

Commercial Kitchens

Our Cold Box Structures ™ is used in the construction of our Modular and Mobile kitchens for the commercial food industry.

Complete Basecamp Operation

We supply Temperature Controlled Clean Rooms, outfitted with three-compartment stainless steel hand sinks, tables, hot water tanks, and more, for the medical and pharmacuetical industries.

CoolBox Storage

Ice Fox Equipment's rivet-free, all-aluminum construction is the ticket to a smoother finish, no maintenance, and an aesthetically pleasing refrigeration storage box.

Ice Fox Equipment modular pods, buildings and trailers are designed with local building and health departments codes in mind.

Our modulars are either retrofitted to existing buildings or projects that are specifically designed around health departments and modular building techniques as a turn-key solution from the start. Our field construction crew is able to make adjustments to onsite code inspections in real-time.

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Walk-in Refrigeration Trailer Rental, Sales, and Leasing

Our Walk-in Refrigeration Trailers are constructed of the highest quality materials in the industry: Stainless Steel Interior, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Aluminum Exterior, and Steel Frame. Our policy of using the highest quality materials in the industry is the key to your structure arriving safely. Our products are designed to have durable functionality and to be aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

Coolbox Structure Pods Rental, Sales, and Leasing

No matter what season or where the COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Pod is located its .040 Aluminum shell will protect its rust-free. Aluminum has smooth long-lasting properties that allow it to shine with little effort. None of the walls are covered by galvanized steel, steel, wood, or fiberglass. Our construction methods are designed to meet local building codes and the department of environmental health codes.

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Coolbox Structure Modular Edition Rental, Sales, and Leasing

COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Modular Edition is #1 in offsite construction methods and can provide a turnkey solution that can be bolted or anchored down to any foundation. Temporary construction structures can be rented for various time frames and have an unlimited variety of uses. Some temporary modular buildings are prefabricated while others are constructed on-site.

Support Services

Ice Fox Equipment is rated #1 in customer service in the Industry. We offer 24/7 support, rapid response for emergencies, worldwide service, and 23 years of rental, sales, leasing, and reliability. Feel free to contact us anytime.


24/7 Support

Ice Fox Equipment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are rated #1 in customer service in the Industry.

Rapid Response

We are ready and able to give out quotes in an hour and we have an emergency phone line available 24/7.

Worldwide Services

Ice Fox Equipment has locations all over the United States and worldwide. Give us a call. We work with non-profits, military, and other multi-national companies for shipping equipment anywhere in the world.

23 Years Experience

We have been in business long enough to know that our customers always come first. And to that end, we take pride in providing the finest quality products and customer service for all our clients.


Ice Fox Equipment is ready when you are. We are standing by to provide you with our full line of quality products, along with the best possible customer service we can deliver. Feel free to contact us anytime. Just give us a call and one of our staff will be happy to discuss how we can accommodate your specific needs.