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Basecamp Rentals in USA

Discover the Comfort of Basecamp Rentals with Icefox Equipment

Welcome to Icefox Equipment, where we specialize in providing top-tier Basecamp Rentals. Our goal is to ensure that your team has the amenities and comfort they need to succeed, no matter the location of your project.

Basecamp Rentals: Your Home Away from Home

Our Basecamp Rentals are more than just temporary accommodations; they are fully-furnished, ready-to-live spaces designed for teams who work in remote and challenging environments. At Icefox Equipment, we ensure that our Basecamp Rentals are equipped with all the essentials so your operations can run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Choose Icefox Equipment for Your Basecamp Rentals?

  • Comfort: Our Basecamp Rentals are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring that every member of your team feels at home.
  • Flexibility: With Icefox Equipment’s Basecamp Rentals, you get flexible leasing options that fit your project’s timeline.
  • Quality: We maintain our Basecamp Rentals to the highest standards, ensuring a quality living experience.
  • Support: Our dedicated support team ensures your Basecamp Rentals are up and running with minimal downtime.
  • Convenience: Icefox Equipment’s Basecamp Rentals come with all the necessary utilities for a hassle-free stay.

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We offer Nationwide delivery 24 hours a day along with Emergency customer service 24x7. All stainless steel insides are a perfect option for non-toxic and long-lasting durability in the refrigeration industry. The majority of our units are designed to use convenient single-phase power.

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Pay Special Attention to Your Trailer’s Outer Skin, because the thicker gauge of our boxes gives added protection between your product and the outside world. Choose quality over price.