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Pharmaceutical companies need reliable refrigeration equipment to provide constant temperatures every day and without fail. If that equipment malfunctions, it can cause irreparable and dangerous harm to the medical supplies stored in them. Ice Fox Leasing ensures not even one degree of temperature change which can affect keeping supplies from spoiling.

Ice Fox Leasing provides air conditioning systems that use refrigerants to produce chilled water that is piped to air handling units (or fan coil units) where it is used to cool the air that ventilates the building. The ‘warmed’ water is then returned to the chiller unit to be re-cooled. And then reverse the cycle so that heat is supplied to the building rather than cooling. Some systems are reversible and able to supply either heat or cooling.

Have you ever needed cold storage on the go, to keep your flowers, food, or beverages cold and fresh? With Ice Fox Leasing, portable refrigeration, and freezer trailers, your special event planning can stay refrigerated on the go and arrive as fresh as the moment you ordered or placed everything together.