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8×10 Refrigerated Container

An 8×10 Refrigerated container or reefer is a shipping container used in the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo. It is capable of controlling the temperature from -65 degrees Celsius up to 40 degrees Celsius. Some refrigerated container has water cooling systems enabling the reefer to be stored below deck to remove the heat generated without adequate ventilation. The use of a water cooling system is declining at the same time it is more pricey compared to air current ventilation that is used to remove the heat from cargo holds. Reefers these days use both water and air cooling to minimize the heat produced by refrigerated containers.

Reefers have an integral refrigeration unit but they rely on external power such as electrical power points or reefer points on a quay, container ship, or a land-based site. If it is being transported on over rail wagon or on the raid then they can be powered from gen-sets or diesel-powered generators that will attach to the container.

Refrigerated containers play a big part in society and are making consumers’ lives more enjoyable as they can enjoy fresh produce anytime, anywhere. There are many mobile refrigeration rental providers and Ice Fox Leasing is just one of them. But what sets us apart from others is that our mobile reefer will surely fit your industry-specific needs as runs on a single-phase power requirement. Our refrigeration trailers are also suitable for long-term rental and those that need a much larger room capacity. The unit comes with a keyless digital pad security feature and an adjustable temperature setting from 15 degrees Celcius to 60 degrees Celsius. If you are interested to know more about our 8×10 refrigerated container, call us at 1-800-245-5216.

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