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Temporary Refrigerated Container

Temporary refrigerated container continues to gain popularity among chemical and pharmaceutical companies, restaurants and other food business owners, hospitals, schools, and even farm owners, for temporary cold storage needs. Ice Fox Leasing has served different varying industries in the course of its 20-year existence in the rental service sector. 

We provide temporary refrigeration service in all 50 US states. Our storage areas are strategically located to service the most number of people that calls for our help. We cater to emergency situations as well as renovations and reconstruction of a commercial kitchen in any establishments or organizations. 

Our reefer containers has four (4) sizes such as 8ft, 20ft, 24ft, and 40ft refrigerated containers. These sizes are very suitable for every refrigeration needs of any facility or business. The temperature in each reefer container can go down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. These are best in maintaining the quality of the product put inside our temporary refrigerated container units.

Each unit can be used either as a freezer or a cooler. Our customers can simply adjust and set their desired temperature using the built-in microprocessor with many options. It has moisture or humidity microcontroller, defrost control that is based on either manual, temperature and time, operation alarms, and smartphone and computer controller.

All four (4) units run on three-phase power. These containers are rigid and when locked-in tight prevents fluctuations in temperature which is a strict requirement by the FDA in food storage. Therefore, renting our refrigerated containers makes you compliant with the United States food safety code. 

Experience hassle-free rental and 1 effective solution with Ice Fox Leasing. We give big discounts for long-term rental agreements and bundle package rentals. Dial our number now 1-800-245-5216 and speak with one of our friendly representatives to know more about renting our reefer containers.


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