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Ticket Booths Trailer

Selecting the ideal rental or lease for a portable ticket booth can be essential to your company’s success. The ticket booth must manage huge crowds with ease and efficiently because it serves as the initial point of contact with customers. Because of this, the research and design team at Ice Fox Equipment provides modular ticket booth solutions for lease or rent that are ideal for stadiums, theaters, racetracks, theme parks, carnivals, festivals, or expos.

Our ticket booth rentals include well-ventilated, air-conditioned interiors with 360° of sunlight and visibility. They are available in sizes ranging from 44 to 812 and beyond, and are constructed with a double layer of robust aluminum panels filled with weather-resistant insulation, making them suitable for every weather situation. Every rental includes a built-in desk and drawer, assuring an orderly staff and efficient workflow.

Our ticket booth rentals are intended to give consumers with a pleasant and memorable experience. The contemporary design includes big sliding windows on all sides, letting you to handle several clients at the same time, decreasing wait times and long lines at your modular ticket booth rental stand. You can also simply communicate with customers by using the mike on the outdoor ticket booth window.

We also rent out hair and make-up station trailers, production trailers, restroom trailers, generators, portable school trailers for lease, office trailers for rent or lease, security booth rentals, portable Command Center trailers for lease, military trailer rentals, and FEMA trailer rentals.

Ice Fox Equipment recognizes that each mobile ticket booth rental is unique. That is why we provide a number of options to meet your individual requirements. With a forklift-able base structure, light weight, and the option of adding wheels with lockable brakes, our tiny 44 and 46 mobile ticket booth designs are excellent for temporary events. For larger groups, we rent or lease a ticket booth trailer with multiple service windows. We may also tailor outdoor ticket booths to meet a specific requirement.

Ice Fox Equipment provides low-cost ticket booth leases for all budgets. We can help you develop and construct the ticket booth of your desires with a few weeks’ notice. Our emphasis on security, efficacy, and mobility, combined with expert design, means that each theater ticket booth we lease or rent has our quality stamp.

For all portable ticket booth lease or rental inquiries, contact us immediately. We’re here to make renting a ticket booth at a stadium, theater, racetrack, theme park, carnival, festival, or expo as simple and straightforward as possible.