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Temporary Refrigeration Rental in Oxnard

Welcome to Ice Fox Equipment: Oxnard’s Leading Source for Mobile Solutions 

Ice Fox Equipment has broadened its professional offerings to Oxnard, CA. This esteemed enterprise, renowned for its comprehensive mobile and temporary amenities, stands ready to address a diverse set of needs, from urgent emergency reactions to events in isolated areas, and major assemblies. In and around Oxnard, CA, Temporary Kitchens 123 sets the bar high, ensuring crucial services are executed with accuracy and timeliness.

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Emergency and Basecamp Services 

Residents of Oxnard, CA can now rest easy, knowing that Ice Fox Equipment has established its presence, particularly during challenging times. The company’s proficiency is evident in its diverse services, encompassing quick basecamp establishments, emergency accommodations, immediate cooling solutions, and all-encompassing logistics for worker camps. Their unwavering commitment ensures reliable and prompt assistance during hardships, be it through vital provisions, meals, or shelter during disasters.

Diverse Trailers for Rent 

For Oxnard, CA, Ice Fox Equipment introduces a contemporary approach that fuses roominess with up-to-date features, as well as a broad selection of trailers suitable for festivities and laundry. Adaptable for various applications, these trailers combine functionality and elegance, positioning them as top choices for events or specialized service provisions.

Cutting-edge Modular and Container Solutions 

Ice Fox Equipment’s avant-garde modular kitchen designs and eco-friendly container modules respond to Oxnard, CA’s demand for durable and effective solutions. The modular kitchens symbolize practicality blended with modern appeal, ensuring an unparalleled gastronomic environment. Their eco-conscious container units prioritize longevity while championing sustainable practices.

Housing and Shelter Solutions

With its accommodation shelters and superior worker camp services, Ice Fox Equipment underscores its dedication to the well-being of the Oxnard, CA community. Their meticulously maintained shelters offer sanctuary and protection for the vulnerable, while the worker camps furnish a touch of home, even in the remotest or task-centric locations.

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Essential Cooling and Water Storage Offerings 

To cater to the varied requirements of Oxnard, CA, Ice Fox Equipment delivers state-of-the-art cooling storage and fresh water tank systems. Their cooling devices, built for optimal preservation of perishables, stand crucial for grand events or unforeseen emergencies.


In Oxnard, CA, Ice Fox Equipment is set to reshape the landscape of mobile and temporary amenities, backed by an unmatched dedication to service excellence and a crew of skilled technicians ready to devise tailored solutions for every unique requirement.

Ice Fox Equipment invites you to experience unparalleled service in Oxnard, CA!

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Top Delivery Service in California

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Top Delivery Service in United States

We offer Nationwide delivery 24 hours a day along with Emergency customer service 24x7. All stainless steel insides are a perfect option for non-toxic and long-lasting durability in the refrigeration industry. The majority of our units are designed to use convenient single-phase power.

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Pay Special Attention to Your Trailer’s Outer Skin, because the thicker gauge of our boxes gives added protection between your product and the outside world. Choose quality over price.

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