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Modular Kitchen Trailer for Sale

Ice Fox Equipment is #1 for Modular Kitchen Trailer for Sale firms in the United States.

Commercial kitchen environments demand more stringent hygiene standards than most other service facilities. Ice Fox Equipment modular kitchens for sale comply with these strict health requirements.

Our COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Pods Modular Kitchen Trailer for Sale are patented and trademarked, and are technically constructed to the highest sanitary standards in the industry.

Ice Fox Equipment COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Modular Edition is designed so they can be anchored and tied down to a foundation or free weight system, for either permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary use.

Our standard package includes stainless-steel commercial sinks and associated plumbing. However, optional plumbed floor drains are also available and are an added convenience for simple, thorough cleaning. HVAC and commercial-level venting can always be customized to meet specific requirements and local codes. We also offer in-unit commercial-grade refrigerators and freezers as options.

Ice Fox Equipment uses the highest quality components in the industry to manufacture our Modular Kitchen Trailer for Sale. Our units have an Aluminum Exterior, Stainless Steel Interior, Diamond Plate Flooring, and Rivet Free Construction and are all designed with local building and health department codes in mind.

Every Ice Fox Equipment modular kitchen for sales units can be customized to meet your specific requirements: grilling, deep-frying, baking, stovetop, cold food prep, or any combination. Electric or gas!

All of our modular kitchen for sales pods can either be retrofitted to existing buildings or specifically designed as stand-alone structure from the start for an excellent turn-key solution. Our Ice Fox Equipment field construction crews are available to make adjustments to onsite code inspections in real-time.

Our policy of only using the highest quality materials in the industry is the key to your modular kitchen for sales equipment to arrive safely and ready for use. Ice Fox Equipment products are designed for durable functionality and to remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

No matter the season or location of where your Modular Kitchen Trailer for Sale is located, its .040 Aluminum shell will protect it from rust, and dimples. Aluminum has smooth long-lasting properties that allow it to shine with little effort. None of our walls are covered by galvanized steel, steel, wood, or fiberglass. Ice Fox Equipment’s construction methods meet all local building codes and department of environmental health codes.