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Modular Kitchen Building Sales

Ice Fox Equipment’s patented and trademarked modular kitchen building sales COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Pods are technically constructed to the highest sanitary standards in the industry.

Modular construction is now a global-leading construction methodology, because of the cost-efficiency and reduced project schedules it offers to developers and general contractors.

Our Modular Kitchen COOLBOX STRUCTURES ™ Modular Edition is designed to be anchored, and tied down to a foundation or free weight system, for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent uses.

Permanent modular construction (PMC) refers to the erection of permanent buildings akin to traditional real estate in virtually every way, once finished. With PMC, Ice Fox Equipment’s modular kitchen building sales are either retrofitted to existing buildings, or projects are designed around existing modular building technique as a turn-key solution from the start.

Non-permanent modular construction (NPMC), on the other hand, refers to the use of modular technique to create relocatable buildings and structures, such as mobile classrooms, showrooms, or temporary healthcare clinics. Like PMC projects, NPMC modular kitchen building for sale are erected in accordance with local building codes and regulations, but can be relocated and repurposed as needed.

Both PMC and NPMC involve the prefabrication of functional modular kitchen building units in a climate-controlled setting. The individual Ice Fox Equipment ‘modules’ or ‘pods’ are then transported to site and lifted into place for fitting and finishing.

Whether used for permanent or relocatable structures, Ice Fox Equipment’s modular kitchen building sales construction saves time, reduces waste, and creates efficiency for building projects spanning a multitude of markets.

A semi-permanent structure consists of a coated PVC fabric membrane tensioned on supporting interior poles or a clear span frame. If used 180 days or less it is considered temporary and usually will not require fire suppression or energy code requirements.

Temporary modular kitchen building sales construction can provide a convertible, movable building. Temporary construction structures can be rented and used for a variety of time frames. Some temporary modular buildings are pre-fabricated and others are constructed on site.

Permanent modular kitchen building sales structures are permanent buildings, with the intent being a long-standing structure that is not going to be moved or altered. Similar to traditional construction, the foundation of permanent modular buildings includes poured concrete with rebar and crushed stone. In certain cases, a raised or on-grade foundation can be used.