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The 20ft Refrigerated Trailer together with the 12ft refrigerated trailer is two of the most commonly used mobile refrigeration trailer. The choice of a mobile refrigeration trailer differs depending on the needs of each person renting it. Regardless of the size, all of our temporary refrigeration trailers are ideal for any controlled or cold temperature storage. It is often used during an expected and seasonal increase in business, emergencies, and major construction. Nursing homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals and other establishments that need cold storage also use a refrigerated trailer.

A 20ft refrigerated trailer uses a 220 sing phase power unlike most. This is beneficial to many customers who are located in places with no transformer or three-phase power. It also offers convenience and is easier to rent for most people because of its affordability. The refrigerated trailer also comes with an adjustable temperature setting allowing it to be used as either refrigeration or a freezer. Those who decide to rent our mobile refrigeration trailer can opt for a keyless entry since the doors feature a digital dial pad, you can either set a key or leave it be for much easier entry and exit access.

Our refrigerated trailer also comes in other sizes to cater to the varying needs of customers from different industries. Aside from our temporary refrigerated trailer, we also have support trailer and units including a common landing, handrail rental, and ramps that will make it easier to move from one trailer to another. All these are ADA Handicap Federal Requirements compliant and had received state engineered approval in all 50 states. This just proves the quality of our services and how they can do for you. If you want to know more about our temporary ref trailer and other services, call us now at 1-800-245-5216.

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