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Mobile Kitchen trailer for rent

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Icefox Equipment is very glad and proud to say that we are the owners of great variety of mobile refrigerated container rental units that are available for rentals and for lease all over the United States and Canada. Our mobile refrigeration rental company is constantly recognized for our quality and excellent service that we offer to the invaluable customers. The efficient and dedicated service offered by the staff of our company and Food Service Refrigeration Rental makes the undisputed leader of the mobile refrigeration rental industry.

We are a company that provides the best service in Food Service Refrigeration Rental and Food Service Emergency Refrigeration, Food Service Mobile Refrigeration, Mobile Refrigeration and Temporary Fridge rental, Temporary Freezer Rentals, Temporary Refrigeration and Emergency Refrigeration and Short-term Refrigerator rental for emergency leasing across the country.

Icefox Equipment mobile reefer containers that are provided with the highest levels of customer service, customer’s satisfaction is our biggest priority, all of our representatives are ready to receive your call and provide you all the information you need.

Because we have units stored all across the nation, we are able to deliver the units in the fastest time possible; in some cases the units can be fully operational within just a few hours. When customers are ready to receive the units, we make sure everything goes as planned and in the best reliable way for your rental. Our Food Service Mobile Refrigeration company has years of experience providing Food Service Emergency Refrigeration, Food Service Refrigeration Rentals, Food Service Mobile Refrigeration, Food Service Mobile Refrigeration, Portable Refrigerated Container Lease USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container Lease USA, Mobile Refrigerated Container Lease and more to make sure you have best options for your rental.

We provide you the best Food Service Refrigeration Rental units in a great various sizes and capacities depending on the needs of the client. Our prices are economical and considerate and this makes our mobile refrigeration rental company much sought after. Icefox Equipment offers world class facilities and these are available for lease and for hire. Our executives at mobile refrigerator rental office are available round the clock and delivery can be made at any time of the day.

Icefox Equipment is a company that is in the top list of companies providing the best customer service and great variety of units, we are one of the few companies that have units store around the US, which makes it a little easier for us to respond, in many cases unit can be fully operational within a few hours, before our customers are ready to receive any of our units among our great variety, me discuss with professionals in our company to make sure we can provide you the unit you enquire about, in the best suitable way possible so your project need can be fulfilled in a way that will make you feel really happy. Our modern Portable Refrigerated Containers are always ready to use, rental units are highly beneficial for both cold storage and instant freezing purposes.

The mobile freezer rental units are specifically designed to withstand any temperature outside but maintain the desired temperature inside. We also offer customized and uniquely designed portable freezer containers for all your storage and transportation needs. Our portable freezer rental units are available in all sizes and capacities and you can also get portable freezer trucks for lease from our company.

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    For new companies, it can be quite a financial burden to support your own facility in-house. By outsourcing your Portable Refrigeration Rentals, you can save more money to be spent on more important aspects of your business.